Happy New Year!

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions – usually. However, this year feels a bit different. Last year was about giving myself a break, letting myself chill out, nurturing myself back to a sound mind, for want of a better word. This year though, I’m free and I know it. Like, as a Christian, we are free because Jesus died on the cross, taking sin and death with Him and rising again to new life, giving those who believe in Him new life too. So, I knew I was free in 2016. I knew that price was paid but sometimes, for whatever reason, there is a waiting period, a faith period needed to see that freedom come through in our physical lives. And as the days go by, I get freer and freer.

So, this year. What does someone now becoming more free by the day do? To me, this year is about taking risks. This blog; a small group we’re starting; ministry (whatever and wherever God leads). This year is about following God into whatever He asks us to do. And that’s scary, but I’m ready. So, would you please pray for us and I’ll pray for you. I need God to be with us this year as we follow Him. I desperately need God to make me brave. And I am desperately believing that even if we fall flat on our faces, God is there to pick us up again.

A bible story that’s been doing the rounds in church lately is the one of Peter walking to Jesus on the water. Interestingly enough, Peter was the only one on that boat that asked Jesus to call him onto the water and so he was the only one who Jesus called. Jesus knew that Peter would lose faith, fail and need rescuing, but He called him out regardless. Because even in failing, Jesus knew Peter would grow, and he did. Peter, after failing many more times he became one of the greatest apostles, then he even kept failing and growing after that. He was the guy who walked by and his shadow healed people, yet he was also the guy who just wanted to be accepted by everyone so badly he turned into a snob and Paul roused on him. Yet again, he grew from that.

Now then, what about you? Will you ask Jesus to call you out on to the water, whatever water that is for you this year? Then when He calls, will you go? And if (or when) you start to drown, like Peter did, call His name and He WILL come and save you. I was going to say, keep your eyes on Jesus and you won’t drown at all, which is true if we weren’t human and had a tendency to lose focus and look at the waves. So, my guess is, you will fail. To err is human, we all do it – it’s all good. What matters is what you do when you fail. Just call out to Jesus and try again. Eventually, when you keep following Jesus out onto various waters, soon what was a huge faith step, will become your new comfort zone and Jesus will call you again to bigger and better things. But, if you never step out of your first boat, it will always look like an impossible task before you. You just have to ask Jesus to call, listen for it, come to it and trust that it will all be ok, that you will walk on water, even if only for a second, and God will take care of the rest.


I like what the preacher said yesterday in church.

“Better to get out of the boat and fail, then to not get out of the boat at all.”

So, go on. Let’s get our feet wet and not be afraid to fall all the way in. But whatever we do, let’s make sure we get out of the boat, out of that place of comfort, and follow Jesus.


Happy New Year!


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