My very first blog – why?

So here’s the dealio – I never meant to start a blog. Tbh, it’s a little too much more “follow the crowd” than I like BUT in all honesty, at first I saw it as a great way to make money.

Image result for mr. krabs i like money

Then I realised, it’s hard to make money from blogs, but THEN I realised.. “Wait! I want to start a blog anyway”. And alas, welcome to my crazy-ass brain. Ta-da! So here I am, writing my very first blog. Why? And why for no money? << That’s the one I really want to know.. sheesh.. stupid brain. Ok, here it is…. because…… Da DA DAAAAA. Anxiety.

Yeah, I am at the very end of my battle with anxiety (and depression but shmeh, not the topic) and I know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there that feel like they will always have anxiety and well, I wanted to help.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wouldn’t always have anxiety, I had hope which is sure to come up at a later date, but I know quite a few friends that have had it for ages and it doesn’t appear to be taking a hike just yet so, this blog post is dedicated to them and to anyone else who gets what I’m saying (..Like, at all.. ‘cos re-reading this and it barely makes sense to me). Anxiety sucks. And I believe, that the reason I went through it was to help you through it and well, here I am.

Bear Bare [Bear Grylls (this was my Husband’s edit)] with me though, I am a total newbie blogger (yeah, guessed that one Ashley, cheers) and need all the help I can get. Like.. GIFS.. how do I add them and use them to death? ‘Cos that’s totes gonna be a thing when I work it out haha..

Ok but for real… This blog is for you… Anyone struggling with anxiety. I specifically had social anxiety so doing something like this before would have been totally daunting.. but now.. shmeh.. ok.. still a little daunting :p #ramblingcosIamnervous #anywho #…

So here’s some topics I’m likely to cover in my blog.

  1. How I’m getting over anxiety (duh)
  2. Nutrition & Exercise
  3. Thoughts
  4. Moodgym (Yes! Get into it!)
  5. Drugs.. the good kind.. no not the good kind you’re thinking of (you druggo)..  Related imagethe doctor kind..
  6. Any other questions you have to keep this blog alive and well…. pretty please? 😛

Oh and before I sign out.. Word Press recommends me telling you about me…… So…. I like ice cream, I’m married to the man of my flipping dreams (that probably should have come first :/), oh wait, I’m a Christian (that definitely should have come first, faith is YUGE in my struggle and overcoming anxiety). Oh, I’m gonna make faith number 6. Next, your gonna hate me for this one – I wanted Donald Trump to get in.. Erm, what else..? I’m super clucky, I have a ga-zillion pets because I don’t have a baby yet and also, I like animals.. hmmm that’s all I can think of for now. P.s. I’m not always THIS weird, like I’m pretty weird but like, usually normal amounts of weird. And I don’t usually say “like” this often either. LOL. I’m just being weird ‘cos this is the mood I’m in right now so, yeah. Love it or leave it, don’t care. No anxiety! Yes!

Ok, Ashley out.



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